Mathematics Training 2020 - Syllabus Std 7th


  •  Number System and Properties Integers and Rational Numbers.
  •  Vulgar and Decimal Fractions operations, Decimal/Vulgar Conversion,
  • Recurring Fractions.
  •  Squares, Square roots Properties. Methods to find squares and square
  • roots , short cuts.
  •  Ratio, Proportion, Variation.
  •  Direct and Inverse Variation. Word Problems.
  •  Percentage. Profit and Loss, Discount
  •  Simple and Compound interest.
  •  Properties of LCM and HCF. Problems.


  •  Concept of Variable
  •  Algebraic Expressions – operations, simplification, evaluation
  •  Basic Identities
  •  Factorization
  •  Linear equations – forming and solving


  •  Angles
  •  Parallel lines
  •  Triangles, concept of congruence
  •  Pythagoras theorem
  •  Quadrilaterals
  •  Polygons
  •  Circles
  •  Basic Constructions
  •  Mensuration.

In addition to the above topic, we introduce the students to various other activities like guest lectures by maths experts, puzzles, quizzes and games.
Group Activities will be conducted like small project.