Mathematics Training 2020


  1. The office is open from 12 pm to 4pm.

  2. Online admissions time limit is extended till 20th June.

  3. Most important '  The lectures will start from 18th June according to the time table. Initially the lectures will be online. The procedure will be given on the web site from 15th June.



Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana conducts mathematics foundation courses for schools students in Pune. These programmes have been conducted for more than fifteen years and have gained immense popularity among students and parents. The emphasis of the training is on conceptual understanding. The method of teaching is interactive. The teaching of mathematics syllabus is accompanied with solving puzzles, activities and quizzes. Since the emphasis is on cultivating interest and building self motivation, students learn to enjoy Mathematics without any tension. Over the years, the programme has been successful in generating interest in mathematics among school students and in enhancing their level of understanding and appreciating mathematics. Students are introduced to Mathematics Olympiad. The faculty members in Pratishthana are well versed in higher Mathematics. They are passionate. They love Mathematics and wish to pass on the interest and love of Mathematics to the students.

The training in 5th and 8th standard is very useful for the Ganit Prabhutwa competitions.

Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana is one of the best Olympiad training Centre in India. Students associated with Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana have consistently done well in Regional Mathematics Olympiad, Indian National Mathematics Olympiad and International Mathematics Olympiad. More than 25 students associated with pratishthana have won medals in international mathematics Olympiads.

NOTE: The stipulated number of sessions in the training course will be conducted.Online lectures if necessary will be conducted.