Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana is a Pune based Mathematics Institute founded in 1976 by the world famous Indian Mathematician Prof. Shreeram Shankar Abhyankar for conducting research in Higher Mathematics. Over the years several students studied under the guidance of Prof. S. S. Abhyankar, Prof. Ravi Kulkarni, Prof. S. M. Bhatwadekar and others, and obtained their Ph.D. degree. Since 1992 the Pratishthana has also been a recognised centre for conducting Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO) under the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) for Maharashtra and Goa Region. This has enabled the Pratishthana to train lots of students from std. V to XII for this prestigious examination. More than 50 medals have been received by high school students who received training at BP in the International Mathematical Olympiad. The Pratishthana has experienced that out of these students who were initially attracted to Mathematics because of job opportunities in the fields of Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, many got inspiration to undertake research in Higher Mathematics.

The Pratishthana published Bona Mathematica, a pedagogical journal in Mathematics for college/university students and teachers during 1995-2003. Besides this the Pratishthana holds annual /biennial conferences/Workshops in some research areas in higher mathematics attended by Indian/Foreign PhD students, scholars and Professors. The Pratishthana has organised a number of Workshops for research students and college teachers under the aegis of NBHM/NCM. The National Board for Higher mathematics and DAE have greatly helped Pratishthana to enrich its library and for organising mathematical activities. The Mathematics Department of S. P. Pune University and IISER, Pune have rendered active co-operation in holding Conferences/Workshops. The teachers from various colleges in Pune as well as researchers from institutions all over India have supported the activities at BP over a long period of time.

From 2021, the Pratishthana has started a Centre for Industrial Mathematics. Various application-oriented courses have been introduced under this centre with the cooperation of many industries. This is expected to lead to industrial research with the use of Mathematics. The Pratishthana is organising Bhaskaracharya Mathematics Talent Search Examination (BMTSE) for 6th std. students, and the organisation of Madhava Competition by HBCSE and S. P. College, Pune for SYBSc students is being done with the cooperation of BP.