Mathematics Training Programme - 5th Standard

Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana announces training programme for mathematics for 5th standard students. (Coaching for Ganit Prabhutwa Spardha - earlier called as Mathex)


Level 1 Syllabus (as per Ganit Prabhutwa book published by Ganit Adhyapak Mandal)

  1. Numbers
  2. Primary operations on numbers
  3. Roman Numerals
  4. Divisibility (includes GCD & LCM)
  5. Common Fractions
  6. Decimal Fractions
  7. Decimal Units of Measurement
  8. Other Units of Measurement
  9. The Unitary Method
  10. Distance, Time, Speed
  11. Percentage
  12. Simple Interest
  13. Profit and Loss
  14. Geometry
  15. Perimeter and Area

Level 2

  1. Series
  2. Cryptarithmetic
  3. Magic Squares
  4. Higher complexity questions on all topics form level 1
  5. Logical word problems
Other Details
Timings Monday to Thursdays for 2 hours, 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Period June 2015 (exact date to be announced)
Fees Rs.5000/- for the entire period
Eligibility Students getting 90% or more marks in 4th standard Maths will be eligible to get admission for the class. Since the syllabus is challenging for 5th standard students, even students getting 90% marks should be ready to put in proper efforts
Seats Admissions will be given on first come first serve basis, untill the batch is full
Teaching medium The class will be for english medium. For Marathi medium minimum 25 students should be available