Advanced Instructional School on Representation Theory and its Applications (AIS-RTA) is being organised in Pune in July 2007 on behalf of NBHM.


All India Summer School in Number Theory is being organised jointly with University of Pune.


Summer School in Analysis

Date: 8th- 18th June 1992.

Coordinators : S. Kumaresan, Nitin Nitsure, S. A. Katre


International Research workshop (4 weeks) on Combinatorial Number Theory (Dynamical Ramse Theory) 

Date: 16th June- 11th July, 1997

was organised with the co-operation of the Mathematics Department of Pune University.

Co-ordinators: Prof. Mahesh Nerurkar (Rutgers University) and Dr. S. A. Katre (Pune University)


 Summer School on Cyclotomic Fields

(As a joint activity with Department of Mathematics, University of Pune.)

Date:-7th -30th June , 1999


Winter School on ''Algorithms in Invariant Theory and Algebraic Geometry"

was organised. (A joint activity with Dept. of Mathematics, university of Pune).

Date: In December 1999 

Coordinators : S. A. Katre (Pune University), S. D. Adhikari (HRI, Allahabad), Ravi A. Rao (TIFR, Mumbai).


A "Workshop on Elliptic Curves"

Dates:16th-19th July, 2001.

Speakers : Dinesh Thakur, R. Sujatha, Parvati Shastri and S. A. Katre.


Arithmetic aspects: The school is an introduction to arithmetic and computational aspects of algebraic geometry, with particular emphasis on practical exercise sessions with the computer algebra systems SINGULAR and Macaulay 2. The school will begin with arithmetic aspects of algebraic geometry leading to a proof of Riemann Hypothesis for elliptic curves.


The workshop is primarily meant for those who have already used LaTeX and want to know more about it by discussing with experts and by sharing experiences of other participants. The workshop will also include sessions on some public domain/free Mathematical Software.


AFS being organised in Pune in December 2005 is the first of the 2nd Annual Foundation Schools being organised on behalf of NBHM.