Standard 6 Online Mathematics Training Programme 2021

Date of Commencement of the course:

  • 21th June 2021

Eligibility for the course:
  • More than 85% marks or equivalent grade in Mathematics in Std. 5

Timings for the course:
  • Monday 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Expected Learning outcomes from the course:
  1. Substantiate the liking for mathematics
  2. Achieve more conceptual clarity
  3. Enhance problem solving skills
Fees for the programme:
  • Rs. 5000/-
Syllabus of the course:
  1. Number system and properties (Integers, Introduction to Rational Numbers, Order Relation, Operations)
  2. Fractions (Vulgar/ Decimal/ Recurring Fractions, Operations, Conversions)
  3. Powers and Roots (Basic Laws of Indices, Square Roots in detail)
  4. Average
  5. LCM & HCF
  6. Introduction to Algebra (Terms, Variables, Addition / Subtraction / Multiplication / Division of simple polynomials)
  7. Arithmetic Equations (Order, Degree, Equations in One Variable, Linear Equations)
  8. Direct and Inverse Variation (Time - Distance – Speed, Time Work Relation)
  9. Ratio and Proportion
  10. Percentage and its Applications (Simple Interest, Profit and Loss)
  11. Geometry (Angles, Parallel Lines, Triangles, Circle, Symmetry)
  12. Mensuration
  1. Puzzles (Logic, Numbers, Shapes) given in every session
  2. Special lectures on interesting topics
  3. Worksheets for practice
  4. Group activities
Books for Reference:
  1. Pearson IIT Foundation book for Mathematics - Std. 6
  2. IPM Textbook for Std. 6
  3. Various Mathematical and Logical Puzzle Books
  4. A School Geometry by Stevens - Hall
Teaching Faculty for the programme:
  • Mrs. Medha Ambikar, B.E. (E & TC)
Coordinator of the programme:

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