BMTSC 2018 (December)

Bhaskaracharya Mathematics Talent Search Competition (BMTSC) 2018

Date: Sunday, 2nd December 2018.

Time: 12.00 PM to 3.00 PM (Reporting time 11.40 a.m.)

Chief Coordinator: Kiran Barve

Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana is an internationally well known institute for cultivation of the education and research in mathematics. Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana conducts school level mathematics training programmes. The students from such training programmes have excelled in State, National and International level Mathematics Olympiad. More than 30 students have won medals in the International Mathematics Olympiads.

To commemorate the 900th birth year of the legendary Indian Mathematician Bhaskaracharya; Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana is organising Bhaskaracharya Mathematical Talelent Search Competition from 2015. The competition is based on syallabus till 6th standard and will be conducted for 6th and 5th standard students from  Maharashtra and Goa.


    1. Identify good students of mathematics at an early age.
    2. A pre Olympiad type competition.
    3. To enhance Mathematical ability and logical thinking.
    4. Nurture programms for the successful students to improve their ability.

Nature of the Competition:

To illustrate the nature of the questions and their expected answers, last three year's question papers with answers are displayed on the website. The pattern of the last year's question paper is different from earlier question papers. This year's question paper pattern will be the same as last year's pattern.

The information about the questions asked and Study Material:

The study material for the BMTSC exam is uploaded in separate files.

The syllabus for BMTSc is primarily the 6th standard syllabus from SSC, CBSE,IISC boards together. In addition logical and other interesting puzzles will be part of the question paper.

Though the questions are based on the syllabus specified in the bulletin, the questions are mainly application based and sometimes their solution requires the use of more than one concept. The emphasis is on the clear understanding of the concepts thus knowledge of procedures is not sufficient. We will give sample questions. There will be two different files first of multiple choice questions which carry 2 marks. The other collection is of long answer where the stepwise explanation of the solution is expected. Such questions carry 3, 5 or 7 marks. THE COLLECTION IS OF SAMPLE QUESTIONS IT IS NOT A QUESTION BANK. Also the type of the questions presented is in no way exhaustive. However studying these questions will improve the thought process required. This ability of logical thinking will be helpful for all the further studies and competitive examinations.

The question set collection 1 is based on the topics of Numbers , divisibility,GCD/LCM, Ratio and percentage.

  • Study material is attached at the end of this page.

Brief details of the Examination :

  • Name of the competition: Bhaskaracharya Mathematics Talent Search Competition.(BMTSC)
  • Eligibility: Students of 5th and 6th standard from Maharashtra and Goa..
  • Syllabus: Mathematics syllabus up to 6th standard (of all the boards of S.S.C., C.B.S.E., N.C.E.R.T and I.C.S.E.)
  • Medium: English / Marathi. Question Papers will be in Two Langauges and student can write in either in Marathi or in English.
  • Registration from 1st September 2018 to 15th October 2018.


  • Prescribed Centres will be announced on the website
    • Interested Headmasters of schools with 20 or more participants can approach Pratishthana to have centre, at their place.

Examination Fee:

  • Rs. 150 /- per student.
    • A deserving student recommended by the Headmaster may get concession in the fee at the discretion of the coordinator.
  • The names of participants & their fees should be forwarded through the Principal on or before 15 th October 2018.
    • (Please provide the list of students in the format provided. Click here to download the form to provide list of students)
  • Payment can be made through Demand Draft or amount can be paid in to the bank account and list of the participants should communicted through email.
    • email :
    • Those making payment through bank transfer must immediately mail transaction date , bank, other details, transaction number and the names addresses, contact number of the students whose fee is paid. Otherwise the students  may not be registered properly.
  • Details of Bank Account
    • Name of Account (s) : Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana
      Name of Bank : HDFC Bank,
      Branch : Bhandarkar Road, Pune - 411 004
      S. Account No. : 50100087125894
      IFSC Code : HDFC0000007


  • 1st Rs. 3000/-
  • 2nd 2000/-
  • 3rd 1000/-
  • The cheer prizes in terms of books will be given.
  • Certificates will be given for all the participants.

Nurture training for the successful students will be arranged.

Syllabus for the BMTSC 2018

  1. Integers
  2. Operations on numbers
  3. Vulgar and Decimal
  4. LCM and GCD
  5. Square & Square roots
  6. Percentage
  7. Average, Ratio - Proportion, Profit and Loss, Unitary Method
  8. Number pattern
  9. Time-work 
  10. Units of measurement
  11. Geometry
    1. Properties
    2. Angles
    3. Parallel Lines
    4. Triangles
    5. Quadrilaterals
      1. (Square, rectangle, Trapezium, rhombus, parallelogram)
    6. Circle
    7. Chord
    8. Perimeter and Area

Structure of the Paper

Que.No. Marks per Que. No. of Que. Total Type
1 2 15 30 Multiple Choice
2 3 8 24 Short Answer 
3 5 5 25 Long Answer
4 7 3 21 Challenging questions with correct explanation is necessary


file attachment: