Schools 2001 and earlier

  • Winter School in Mathematics for college teachers and M.Sc. students from 16-26th November 1988.
  • All India Summer School in Number Theory, 10th-29th June, 1991. Was organised jointly with University of Pune. Co-ordinators : S. G. Udpikar, S. A. Katre, D. V. Kulkarni.
  • Summer School in Analysis, 8th- 18th June 1992. (Coordinators : S. Kumaresan, Nitin Nitsure, S. A. Katre)
  • In 1997 a International Research workshop (4 weeks) on Combinatorial Number Theory (Dynamical Ramse Theory) ,from 16th June- 11th July, 1997, was organised with the co-operation of the Mathematics Department of Pune University. Prof. Vitaly Bergelson ( Ohio state University) was the main speaker of this Ohio state. Prof. Mahesh Nerurkar (Rutgers University) andDr.       S. A. Katre (Pune University) were the Co-ordinators. The recent book "Aspects of Combinatorics and Combinatorial Number Theory" written by S. D. Adhikari (Narosa, 2002) is an expanded version of some of the topics discussed in this workshop.
  • In 1999, a 3 and half weeks Summer School on Cyclotomic Fields was organised during June 7-30. (As a joint activity with Department of Mathematics, University of Pune.) Co-ordinators : Dinesh Thakur (Arizona University), S. A. Katre (Pune University), S. D. Adhikari (MRI). Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana has published the proceedings of this workshop in 2000.
  • In December 1999 a Winter School on ''Algorithms in Invariant Theory and Algebraic Geometry" was organised. (A joint activity with Dept. of Mathematics, university of Pune). Coordinators : S. A. Katre (Pune University), S. D. Adhikari (HRI, Allahabad), Ravi A. Rao (TIFR, Mumbai).
  • A "Workshop on Elliptic Curves" was organized during 16th-19th July, 2001. Speakers included : Dinesh Thakur, R. Sujatha, Parvati Shastri and S. A. Katre.