RMO - 2016 Summer training

Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana conducts camps in the vacations  to give introduction to the mathematics leading to the Regional Mathematics Olympiad. The camps are well known and has given boost to many students appearing for RMO. The camp is for students outside Pune , very few students from the outskirts of Pune may be admitted if the seats are available.

Camp: Introduction To Mathematics  Olympiad.

Date  : Sunday, 8th May to Sunday, 15th May 2016

Time  :  10 am to 5 am

Venue : Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana.

Fees  : Rs. 5000/-  


  • From 09/05/2016 to 14/05 /2016 every day full day training will be imparted.
  • The camp will open at 11.30 am on 08/ 05/ 2016 and will close at 1.00 pm on 15/ 05/ 2016.
  • The topics leading to Regional Mathematics Olympiad such as Geometry, Algebra, Number theory and Combinatorics will be introduced in the camp.

Hostel accommodation for boys will be made available for a limited number of students at suitable charges.  Very few girl students may be provided hostel accommodation. For the availability and details please contact at the earliest. 

Enroll your names by contacting the office.

For registration and inquiry contact our office.

Camp for 6th , 7th standard students.

Parents are requesting us to conduct a camp for the 6th and 7th standard students. Considering the requests this year Pratishthana may conduct a summer camp if sufficient number  of participants enroll. Interested parents should give the name of the student, mail id and phone number in the office as early as possible.  We would conduct the camp if more than 30 students enroll. The camp is basically for students from outside Pune.

Camp:  ‘Fun with Mathematics’  

Date   : Thursday, 12th May to Sunday, 15th May 2016

Time  :  10 am to 5 am

Venue:  Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana.

Fees :  Rs. 2000/-  


  • On 12/05/2016 to 14/05/2016 the training will be from 10 am to 5 pm, on 15th the camp will culminate around 1 pm.
  • The training will consist of activities, solving puzzles, lectures on related topics. The main aim is to motivate students to think and appreciate good mathematics.

There will be NO HOSTEL FACILITY for the camp.

For registration and inquiry contact our office.