Standard 7th Mathematics Training Programme 2022

 Please note: Admission form to be filled via Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana Admission Portal.  Click for the Admission Portal

Date of Commencement of the course:

  • 13th June 2022

Eligibility for the course:
  • More than 85% marks or equivalent grade in Mathematics in Std. 6

Timings for the course:
  • Online batch: Tuesday 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm. And Friday 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm.
  • Offline Batch: Wednesday 5 pm to 7 pm and Saturday : 5 pm to 7 pm.
Expected Learning outcomes from the course:
  1. Develop a genuine interest in mathematics
  2. Create a habit for self-study
  3. Clarity in basic concepts and applying them to solve non routine problems.
  4. Explore puzzles to slowly inculcate logical thinking and reasoning.
Fees for the programme:
  • Rs. 11000/-
Syllabus of the course:
  1. Arithmetic
    1. Number System and Properties, Integers and Rational Numbers
    2. Vulgar and Decimal Fractions operations, Decimal/Vulgar Conversion,
    3. Recurring Fractions
    4. Squares, Square roots, Properties, Methods to find squares and square roots, short cuts
    5. Ratio, Proportion, Variation
    6. Direct and Inverse Variation, Word Problems
    7. Percentage, Profit and Loss, Discount
    8. Simple and Compound interest
    9. Properties of LCM and HCF, Problems
    10. Average
  2. Algebra
    1. Concept of a Variable
    2. Algebraic Expressions – operations, simplification, evaluation
    3. Basic Identities
    4. Factorization
    5. Linear equations – forming and solving
  3. Geometry
    1. Angles
    2. Parallel lines
    3. Triangles, concept of congruence
    4. Pythagoras theorem
    5. Quadrilaterals
    6. Polygons
    7. Circles
    8. Mensuration
  1. Puzzles (Logic, Numbers, Shapes) given in every session
  2. Special lectures on interesting topics
  3. Worksheets for practice
Books for Reference:
  1. Pearson IIT Foundation book for Mathematics - Std. 7
  2. IPM Textbook for Std. 7
  3. Various Mathematical and Logical Puzzle Books
  4. A School Geometry by Stevens - Hall
Teaching Faculty for the programme:
  • Mrs Arundati Joshii (M.Sc., M.Phil in Mathematics)
  • Mr. Amit Mohit (M.Sc. Mathematics)
Coordinator of the programme: