Abhyankar Birthday Symposium

A Symposium in Mathematics is being organised on the occasion of Birthday of Founder Director Professor Shreeram S. Abhyankar (1930-2012)

on Monday, the 22nd July 2019,

at Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana, Pune.

Speakers and Topics:

Time Speaker Title and abstract
2.30 pm
3.30 pm
Prof. V. Srinivas
TIFR, Mumbai
Title: Embeddings of affine varieties

Abstract: Let R be a finitely generated algebra over a field. Two natural questions are (i) how many generators are needed to express R as an algebra over that field (ii) given two sets of N generators of the algebra R over the field, does there exist a change of variables in the polynomial algebra in N variables (that is, an automorphism of the polynomial algebra) which expresses one generating set in terms of the other one?

These questions can be naturally interpreted in the language of algebraic geometry, as questions about affine varieties, and their embeddings in affine space. This lecture will give an introduction to this topic, touching on results of Abhyankar, Nori, and others, including myself.

3.50 pm
4.50 pm
Prof. Ravi Rao
TIFR, Mumbai
Title: The Inverse Laplace expansion problem

Abstract: The first row $(a_1, \ldots, a_n)$ of an $n \times n$  invertible matrix has by Laplace expansion the property that  there exist $b_1, \ldots, b_n$ with $a_1b_1 + a_2b_2 + \ldots + a_nb_n = 1$. We shall discuss whether a row $(a_1, \ldots, a_n)$ which has the property that there is a row $(b_1, \ldots, b_n)$ with $a_1b_1 + a_2b_2 + \ldots + a_nb_n = 1$ can be completed to an invertible matrix.

5.20 pm
6.30 pm
Prof. Dinesh Thakur
University of Rochester, USA
Title: Fermat-Wilson congruences, arithmetic derivatives and zeta values.

Abstract: I will speak on my results on  Fermat-Wilson congruences and connections with arithmetic derivatives and zeta values, as this can be explained within framework of  Abhyankar's "high school math" preference!

All are cordially invited to attend.