Rotations, reflections of the plane and space

Venue Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana, Pune
Dates Sunday, 19th February, 2017
Time 02 PM to  to 04.15 PM


  • Professor J. K. Verma (IIT, Bombay, Mumbai)

We shall explain how rotations and reflections can be represented by orthogonal matrices. We shall prove Euler's Theorem which characterises rotations in terms of orthogonal matrices with determinant 1. We shall also prove a classical theorem of Cartan-Dieudonne which asserts that any  orthogonal matrix is a product of matrices of reflections in hyperplanes. If time permits, we shall find all finite subgroups of rotations of the plane.

Eigenvalues of linear transformations

All are cordially invited to attend.