Cyber Security and Cryptography

Date of commencement of Course


Course Duration

30 hours


Science/ Engineering graduates with Math background


Shall be declared soon

Expected Learning outcomes

 Participants will be able to understand the fundamentals and applications for encryption and decryption with the secured domain framework and also those for cyber security.

Course Fees (in Rs.)


Topics covered

  • Introduction, encryption basics, motivation and values,

  • Maths background, SVD , Data security, data storage and data communications, Stream Ciphers, Block Ciphers

  • Plaintext attack, examples

  • Message integrity

  • Authenticated encryption

  • Real life examples on cryptography: RSA Cryptography

  • Diffie Hellman key exchange and applications

  • Elliptic Curves and their use in Cryptography

  • Security framework for websites and mobile applications

  • Introduction to Data compression and coding

  • Transform coding

  • Huffman coding

  • Examples on coding and compressions

  • Overview of block chain technology


Dr. S. A. Katre, Prof. Swati Joglekar, Dr. Aditi Sharma, Prof. Arjun Chaudhary

Program Coordinator

Dr. S. A. Katre, Cell:- 989000 1215, Emai:



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