Lighting and Illuminations (in Recorded Mode)

Date of commencement of Course

  • Shall be declared soon

Course Duration

  • 5 Hours


  • Any graduate/diploma holder in engineering or architecture , degree students and practitioners


  • Shall be declared soon

Expected Learning outcomes

  • Participants shall understand the basics of optics
  • Participants shall be able to know fundamentals and practical applications of lighting and illumination
  • Participants shall understand requirements of indoor, outdoor lighting and shall be able to design projects using lighting software
  • Participants shall understand lighting control requirements

Course Fees (in Rs.)

  •  1500/-

Topics covered

  • Optical radiation properties, important lighting concepts such as luminous flux, luminous efficacy, contrast, CCT, CRI etc

  • Types of lamps – incandescent, HID, Fluroscent, LED – Construction and operating characteristics

  • Lighting and wiring accessories

  • Forms of artificial lighting – indoor (ambient, task, accent, directional, recessed , HB, LB etc)

  • Outdoor lighting – Floodlighting, sports lighting, street lighting design etc

  • Lighting design using point by point method

  • Calculate no of lighting fixtures required (indoor)

  • Lighting design using Dialux

  • Lighting distribution using Autocad

  • Generate BOM for lighting

  • Recommended lux levels as per standards

  • Lighting controls – photosensor , occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting etc

  • Energy efficient lighting

  • Economics in lighting

  • Special applications

  • Future trends in lighting


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