IPR, Patents, Start-ups and Company Laws

Date of commencement of Course

  • Shall be declared soon

Course Duration

  • 15 Hours


  • Any Graduate, Diploma (10 +3), working professionals, Innovators, current investors, entrepreneurs and small business owners


  • Shall be declared soon

Expected Learning outcomes

  • Participants shall receive clarityon different corporate entities, its pros & cons

  • Shall be able to evaluate & assess the best option for their business needs

  • Shall be able to understand Intellectual property rights & be able to apply for patents

Course Fees (in Rs.)

  •  3000/-

Topics covered

  • Corporate Law

    • Understanding types of business structures, comparison & registration process

    • How to choose a perfect entity for your business? How to avoid mistakes?

    • Introduction to employment laws

  • IPR

    • Introduction to IPR and different types of IPR,

    • Detailed discussion on Patent & Copyright

  • Importance of IPR

    • Interactive session/ Assignment

    • Finance & Accounting

    • Introduction on how to finance the business?

    • Understanding the concepts of accounting, maintenance of records

    • Digital financing


  • Shubhankar Ranade, Prachi Gosavi

Program Coordinator



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