Linear Algebra for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Date of commencement of Course   Shall be declared soon
Eligibility Any Graduate in Science, Engineering or Arts graduates with Mathematics background of XII
Timings Shall be declared soon
Expected Learning outcomes

Participants shall understand and apply the concepts in Linear algebra like Matrices, Wavelets, Complex analysis

Applications of eigen values and eigen vectors

Applications of Singular Value Decomposition

Course Fees (in Rs.)     6000/-
Topics covered  


Introduction to Linear Algebra, Overview, Motivation, Values, Trends , Matrices, Basic Matrix operations, Inverse, Special Matrices and Applications, Complex Matrices, Solution of linear Equations, Solving AX=0, AX=b, Examples, Vector Spaces, Subspaces, Linear Independence, Basis, Inner product, Orthogonal vectors spaces and subspaces Projections and Least Squares, Linear Transformation basics, Computations with Matrices, Applications Eigen Values and Eigen vectors Eigen Values and Eigen Vectors, Applications Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)

SVD Applications computations using scilab software computations using scilab software computations using scilab software


Linear Functions: Background of Linear functions, Taylor series approximation, Examples, Regression Models, Examples

Least squares: Least squares problem, Solution, Least squares data fitting, examples, Least squares classifier, Examples

Complex Numbers and Linear Algebra: Real numbers and complex numbers, Complex Series, Euler’s Formula, and the Roots of Unity, Examples on complex numbers and Linear Algebra

Wavelets and Linear Algebra: Wavelets basics, different wavelets, Haar Wavelets, Multiresolution analysis using the discrete wavelet transform, Applications example using wavelets using SCILAB

Faculty/Experts/Resource  person Dr. Vikas Jadhav , Dr. Nivedita Mahajan, Prof. Swati Kandharkar, Prof. Priya Maini, Prof. Pratul Gadagkar, Dr. Ajay V. Deshmukh
Program Coordinator

Dr. Nivedita Mahajan (LA-I), Mobile: 9881075166, e-mail:-

Dr. Vikas Jadhav (LA-II), Mobile: 9850628321, e-mail:-




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