Raspberry Pi and Internet of Things

About the Course: Learn About Raspberry Pi and IOT ( Jointly with Bi-Embedely  Embedely Technologies )

Date of commencement of Course

  • Sunday, August 1, 2021  Tentative


  • 15 hours


  • Anybody interested in Internet of things and Raspberry Pi

  • Students and Professionals interested in electronics and programming

  • This course is for all levels of audience, who is interested in building IoT products


  • Shall be declared soon

Expected Learning outcomes

  • This course will clear the concepts about IoT.

  • Students will learn about IoT Enabled Dev Boards, Sensors, Communication

  • Standards, Protocols & IoT Clouds

  • Learn todevelop your own "Internet of Things" projects independently. Think of

  • different IoT applications and visualize the components needed to build them

  • Learn to use Raspberry Pi

  • Simulation software for electronics wiring and learn tools used to build IoT

  • applications without coding as well.

Course Fees (in Rs.)

  • [node:field_fees]/- for Academic Participants (Students/Faculty/Researchers)

  • [node:field_fees_industrial_candidates]/- for Industry Participants

Topics covered

  • In this course you will be learning about:
  • Raspberry Pi, its introduction - Architecture and hardware
  • Raspberry Pi setup, installing OS and other software
  • Linux shell commands
  • Python programming for Raspberry Pi
  • Accessing GPIOs, Camera, sensors
  • Networking using Raspberry Pi
  • Node-red IoT wiring tool
  • Physical Computing - Introduction to sensors(Photo-resistors, Ultrasonic sensors, motion sensors, temperature and humidity sensors), Relays, LEDs, Push buttons, Basics of circuit design, Ohm's law, RC circuit, GPIO pins, Serial and Parallel interfaces, UART, SPI, I2C, Pulse Width Modulation, (PWM), Python (RPi.GPIO), WiringPi
  • Fritzing software Introduction
  • Communication Protocols & Connectivity Methods
  • IoT Clouds
  • Use cases of IoT
  • Applications of IoT

Faculty/Experts/Resource person

  • Mrs. Neha Supekar (M.Tech, Process Instrumentation)

Program Coordinator




1st Aug 2021


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