A foundation course on IIOTs

About the Course

BP - AIPL IIoT Course will be an extensive 15 hour ON LINE program covering all the essentials of Industrial IoT business, processes and technology. It has been developed by industry experts who have cumulatively more than hundreds man years of experience in Industrial Automation, Control Systems and Business Enterprise IT Systems

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Date of commencement of Course

  • Shall be declared soon


  • 15 hours


  • Industrial and business professionals,

  • This will also be very useful for final year engineering and technology students.


  • Shall be declared soon

Expected Learning outcomes

  • Participants shall be able to understand the new technology and its use in their own industries and businesses

Course Fees (in Rs.)

  • 3000/- for Academic Participants (Students/Faculty/Researchers)
  • 10000/- for Industry Participants


  • All participants in the workshop earn a Certificate and an electronic badge as an acknowledgement of their knowledge by AIPL

Topics covered

  • Module 1- Basic Concepts (1 hour)

  • Module 2- Understanding IIoT technology and Architectures (2 hours)

  • Module 3- IIoT Platforms (1 hour)

  • Module 4 - Cloud and other hosting architectures (1 hour)

  • Module 5 - Analytic Applications & Dashboards (1 hour)

  • Module 6 - Latest developments and how these will shape future of IIoT adoption (2 hours)

  • Module 7 - Cybersecurity (1 hour)

  • Module 8 – Change management (1 hour)

  • Module 9 – Adoption Playbook (4 hours)

  • Module 10 – Assessment and graduation (1 hour)

Faculty/Experts/Resource person

Principal Faculty:

  1. Dr. Arvind Tilak, CEO, Ascent Intellimation

  2. Prashant Kalgaonkar, ED, Ascent Intellimation

Program Coordinator




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Start Date Status: 

Shall be declared soon



Fees - Industrial Candidates: