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GATE-22 Preparatory Course


Centre for Industrial Mathematics, Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana Pune, a Research Institute in Mathematics, announces preparatory course for GATE-22


Subject Areas: Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering. For final year Students and degree holders from Electrical, EnTc, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Computer and IT


- 2021, Nov 10th (Final)

Mathematical Methods-II

Participants will be equipped with standard techniques in descriptive and inferential Statistics and will be able to use these techniques in decision making, Participants will be equipped with standard techniques for solving various Mathematical problems numerically, Participants will be familiar with linear and non linear Optimization techniques and applications

IAIAM 2021, Nov 15th (Tentative)

Cyber Security and Cryptography

Participants will be able to understand the fundamentals and applications for encryption and decryption with the secured domain framework and also those for cyber security.

IAIAM 2021, Nov 15th (Tentative)

Signal and Image Processing Applications

Understanding and interpretation of topics in Signal and Image processing, Participants shall be able to write signal and image processing algorithms (MATLAB or SCIALB), Potential Industrial Applications,
Know opportunities for industry projects

IAIAM 2021, Nov 15th (Tentative)

Automation Courses: Industrial Internet of Things

About the Course: After completion of the course, students will be able to deeply understand & appreciate:  What IIoT is? Key components of IIoT o How is IIoT different from IoT?, Why need IIoT?, Business potential

ISA Pune 2021, Aug 01st (Tentative)

New Product & Business Development

Participants will be able to gain insight of how to create new products from an entrepreneurship standpoint.    Participants will be able to create business plans and avoid various mistakes in starting a business or building a product

Other courses by industry experts 2021, Aug 01st (Tentative)

Lighting and Illuminations (in Recorded Mode)


Participants shall understand the basics of optics. Participants shall be able to know fundamentals and practical applications of lighting and illumination. Participants shall understand requirements of indoor, outdoor lighting and shall be able to design projects using lighting software.  Participants shall understand lighting control requirements


Other courses by industry experts 2021, Aug 16th (Tentative)

IPR, Patents, Start-ups and Company Laws

Participants shall receive clarityon different corporate entities, its pros & cons. Shall be able to evaluate & assess the best option for their business needs. Shall be able to understand Intellectual property rights & be able to apply for patents

Other courses by industry experts 2021, Aug 01st (Tentative)

Disruptive Technologies: AR VR and Block Chain

Understanding of Augmented and Virtual Reality, Ability to develop small applications using C# for AR / VR and Block Chain, Exposure to various Block Chain platforms

Other courses by industry experts 2021, Aug 01st (Tentative)

Python Programming (for Data Science)


Introduction to Google Colab, Basic Python Syntax, Operations in Python, Decision and Control Structures, Python Lambdas, Python Functions, Recursion, Python Modules, Python Data Structures which include Lists, Tuples, Sets and Dictionaries, Python Install Packages (PIP), Introduction to Python Packages like Numpy, Pandas, datetime, Regular Expressions in Python

Other courses by industry experts 2021, Aug 01st (Tentative)

Data Science Course In Association With Rubiversity

RubiVersity connects aspiring innovators with an AI-Powered Knowledge Cloud creating a unified learning experience

Industry recognized Data science certificate, Learn popular data science tools for hands-on training and practice, Hands-on platform exposure and industry agnostic approach

Proposed 01-year Course for Data Science by Rubiversity An EdTech division of Rubiscape Pvt.Ltd

Rubiversity 2021, Aug 01st (Tentative)

Internship offered by Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana jointly with companies

WORK from HOME MODE Internship: A group of students typically 3 to 10 shall work on a mutually decided assignment. The problem definition as per the interest of industry shall be offered. Students would present the progress, once in a month. Evaluation of the work done shall be carried out during the last presentation ONLINE. If required by the concerned college or Department, a student group shall submit a short report on the work done/contribution during the internship. Finally a certificate shall be provided to students who successfully complete the internship.

- 2021, Aug 15th (Tentative)

Academic Projects

Participants shall be able to complete the final year project NOTE: Work has to be done by students’ group or an individual, only guidance and supervision shall be provided)

- 2021, Aug 15th (Tentative)

A foundation course on IIOTs

About the Course: BP - AIPL IIoT Course will be an extensive 15 hour ON LINE program covering all the essentials of Industrial IoT business, processes and technology. It has been developed by industry experts who have cumulatively more than hundreds man years of experience in Industrial Automation, Control Systems and Business Enterprise IT Systems

Ascent Intellimation Pvt. Ltd 2021, Aug 01st (Tentative)

Raspberry Pi and Internet of Things

Anybody interested in Internet of things and Raspberry Pi, Students and Professionals interested in electronics and programming This course is for all levels of audience, who is interested in building IoT products.

Bi-Embedly Technologies LLP 2021, Aug 01st (Tentative)

Essentials of Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT

About the Course: BP -  Bi-Embedly Technologies LLP course covers essentials of Industry 4.0, discovers what Industry 4.0 the Fourth Industrial Revolution is, Implementation Challenges of Industry 4.0, Impact of Industry 4.0 on Different Industries, Drivers of Implementing Industry 4.0. It also covers the Industry 4.0 design principles as applied to any manufacturing and process/shop or machine.

Bi-Embedly Technologies LLP 2021, Aug 01st (Tentative)

Arduino for Beginners

Beginners who want to learn the Arduino through programming and practising, Makers who already have a running project, but feel that they lack the programming foundation they need

Bi-Embedly Technologies LLP 2021, Aug 01st (Tentative)

Data Science - II

    Participants will be able to gain insights of disruptive technologies, IIOTs, data science, and Industry 4.0 with respective to industrial applications
    Participants gain an understanding of storage and data processing technologies, advanced concepts, technologies and processes and architectures of big data
    Participants will be able to represent and create visual summary of information to identify patterns and trends. And gain insights of data analytics

IAIAM 2021, Nov 15th (Tentative)

Data Science - I

Participants will be able to write python programs
Understand statistics and inferences with applications
Machine learning and Deep Learning fundamentals and applications

IAIAM 2021, Nov 15th (Tentative)

Linear Algebra and Applications

Participants shall understand and apply the concepts in Linear algebra like Matrices, Wavelets, Complex analysis
Applications of eigen values and eigen vectors, Applications of Singular Value Decomposition

IAIAM 2021, Nov 15th (Tentative)

Mathematical Methods-I

Participants will be familiar with techniques and tools of solving first order ODE and Linear ODE of higher order and will be able to use them for the relevant applications in allied discipline, Participants will have good understanding of process of Mathematical Modeling, and are expected to be able to construct Mathematical models for some real world problems.

IAIAM 2021, Nov 15th (Tentative)