Demo Talk on R

Lecture series for promotion of Open source Maths software

Under the Project on Use of Open source software for Teaching Maths, supported by MHRD at BP.

  • Topic: Demo Talk on R,  software for analyzing and visualizing DATA

  • Speaker:  Dr.  Surendran,

  • Date : 29th May, 2010

  • Time: 3.00pm - 4.30pm

  • Venue: Bhaskracharya Pratishthana

  • Abstract: The attempt will be to introduce R , CRAN and to non-specialists by a non-specialist. Appreciation of the Package-diversity that is available within R - framework for analyzing and visualizing DATA of all kinds  will be the main goal.    Simple Examples drawn from the vast R-literature will be used for this purpose. The aim is to feel the characteristic easy R-style, even in practically useful important tasks.

  • prerequisite:  None

  • Registration fee: Nil

  • Who Can Attend: Its Open to all/any one intrested.