Date Title
  2016, Nov 28th

 IST Commutative Algebra (2016)

  2016, Nov 14th

 IST Fourier Analysis (2016)

  2016, Jul 30th

 Workshop On Introduction to Linux & GNU/Octave

  2016, Jul 23rd


  2016, Jul 22nd

 A Symposium in Mathematics 2016

  2016, May 16th

 Annual Foundation School - Part - II (2016 - Pune)

  2016, Mar 04th

 The Moment Problem

  2016, Mar 01st

 Dimension of a Graph

  2015, Nov 29th

 Annual Foundation School - Part - I (2015 - Pune)

  2015, Nov 16th

 IST Complex Analysis (2015)

  2014, Nov 03rd

 ISL Real Analysis (2014)

  2013, Nov 18th

 TEW Multivariable Calculus (2013)

  2011, May 30th

 Symposium in Number Theory

  2011, Jan 27th

 Workshop on Computer Algebra System (under fossme project)

  2011, Jan 18th

 Demo talk and hands workshop on Moodle

  2010, Dec 16th

 International Conference on Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

  2010, Nov 21st

 Workshop on Advanced LaTeX (under fossme project)

  2010, Sep 26th

 Workshop on Scilab Advanced (under fossme project)

  2010, Jul 25th

 Workshop on Scilab, LaTeX & other Free and open source software (under fossme project)

  2010, May 30th

 Sixth Annual Foundation School-Part II (AFS-II)

  2010, May 28th

 Demo Talk on R

  2010, May 14th

 Introduction to GAP: a System for Computational Algebra

  2010, Mar 31st

 Use of Open Source Software for Teaching Mathematics (FOSSME)

  2009, Nov 29th

 AIS - Algebraic Geometry (2009)

  2009, Oct 09th

 Workshop on Python

  2009, Jul 30th

 Workshop 2 on Scilab

  2009, Jul 03rd

 Workshop on Scilab

  2009, Jun 07th

 AFS - Fifth Annual Foundation School-II (2009)

  2009, May 07th

 AIS - Combinatorics and Graph Theory (2009)

  2008, Nov 02nd

 ATML in Functional Analysis-II (2008)

  2008, Jun 04th

 AIS Complex Analysis (2008)

  2008, Jan 01st

 Workshop on the Geometry and Topology Of Low - Dimensional Maniolds

  2007, Jul 01st

 Advanced Instructional School (AIS)- Representation Theory

  2007, Jun 17th

 Workshop in Mathematics for High School Teachers

  2007, May 13th

 Advanced Training School in Mathematics for Lecturers (ATML) in Complex Analysis

  2006, Nov 30th

 Advanced Instructional School (AIS)- Differential Geometry and Lie groups

  2006, May 31st

 The Annual Foundation School (AFS)-II

  2005, Dec 04th

 The Annual Foundation School (AFS)-I

  2003, Dec 07th

 International Workshop on Computational Algebraic Geometry

  2003, Dec 07th

 International Conference on Commutative Algebra & Combinatorics

  2003, Jun 08th

  Workshop on LaTeX and Free Mathematical Software

  2002, Dec 22nd

 Winter School on Arithmetic and Computational Algebraic Geometry

  2001, Jul 15th

 A "Workshop on Elliptic Curves"

  1999, Nov 30th

 Winter School on Algorithms in Invariant Theory and Algebraic Geometry

  1999, Jun 06th

 Summer School on Cyclotomic Fields

  1997, Jun 15th

 International Research workshop on Combinatorial Number Theory

  1992, Jun 07th

 Summer School in Analysis

  1991, Jun 09th

 All India Summer School in Number Theory

  1979, Dec 31st

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