Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana (BP)
An Educational & Research Institute
Reg. No. MAH/1127/(POONA)(F-967)
(Bhaskaracharya Institute of Mathematics)

Scientific Computing course based on Open source software at BP

Dates: 16 January 2010 to 3 April 2010 only on Saturdays
(Excluding 20th Feb, Saturday due to Gnunify.

Venue: Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana, Law College Road, Pune.

The Course will consist of the following five modules

C/C++ programming by Aditya Godbole 12 sessions of 2 hrs 9.15-11.15 Starting from 16th Jan.Focus will be on scientific computing 3,500 Rs
Scilab by Manjusha Joshi 6 session of 2 hrs 11.30- 1.30
Starting from 16th Jan.Matrix handling, eigen values calculation,
sparse matrix, functions plotting, data plotting etc.
Python by Ramkrishnan Reddy 6 sessions of 2 hrs 11.30- 1.30 Starting from 6th March. Focus to scientific computing handling complex numbers,
Hanling numbers and prime numbers, algorithm analysis, Algorithms from Graph Theory
Linux by Gaurav Pant 6 sessions of 2 hrs 3.30-5.30 Starting from 16th Jan. Introduction to O.S., installation of third party software,
Specific paths for libraries, basic commands etc.
LaTeX by Manjusha Joshi 6 sessions of 2 hrs. 2.30-4.30 Starting from 6th March.LaTeX is a system for scientific report writing,
Technical documentation, software documentation, Thesis, research papers, scientific presentations using beamer

Each session will be included theory and practical.
CD of the software will be given to all the registered participants.

Booklets, notes and assignment print outs will be provided to the participants. Lunch included for the participants who have registered for the entire course.
Limited seats are available. Admission on first come first serve basis.
Computers will be provided but it will be convenient if participant bring their own laptops.

After successful completion of the course the registered participants will be given certificate by Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana (Institute of Mathematics,

Timings of modules can be interchanged after all registrations are complete.
Module wise admissions are open. If interested in the specific modules, can enquire for the fee structure for the module.
For out station participants, lodging facility can be arranged on nominal charges
Who can apply: IT professionals, Post doc. students, research students, undergraduate students , lecturers from Maths, Stats, Computer's, Science, Engineering.

Fees: 10,000 Rs. for the entire course payable in advance by draft or cheque payable to Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana, Pune

Admissions can be requested by email or by phone (office) 25434547. Time: 11.30am -6.30 pm
Recommended by the institution along with admission fees. Alternatively requests can be sent by E-mail on or before 15 January 2010.
Admissions which are confirmed cannot be cancelled and fees will not be refunded.

For enquiries contact co-ordinator: Manjusha Joshi

phone: (4pm-7pm) 9822 319328