Library contains over 6000 books on Higher Mathematics covering almost all branches of Mathematics. The library has open shelves system. The readers are in various categories such as Mathematics Olympiad students, college students, college and university teachers, research students. Home lending facility is provided to the readers.

  • Books published by American Mathematical Society(AMS) received from personal donation.
  • Books and journals published by International Press have been donated by ARSI.
  • BP received book grant from Society of Indian Academics in America. Books published by Springer Verlag and Cambridge University Press have been purchased.
Journals Notable books Rare collection General Mathematics
  • Mathematical reviews (MathScienet online access)
  • Mathematical Intelligencer
  • Proceedings of Indian Academy of Sciences (Mathematics Section)
  • Mathematics Student
  • Sankhya online access
  • Resonance journal of science education
  • Bulletin of The Marathwada Mathematical Society
  • Asian Journal of Mathematics
  • Journal of Differential Geometry
  • International Journal of Number Theory

Back issues of

  • Nagoya Mathematical Journal
  • Bulletin of American Mathematical Society
  • Rendiconti
  • Crux Mathematicorum
  • American Mathematical Monthly
  • Mathematics Magazine
  • Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society
  • Lecture Notes in Mathematics (Springer-Verlag)
  • Queen's papers in Pure & Applied Mathematics
  • Chelsea Books on Mathematics
  • Encyclopedia
  • Ramanujan
  • Unlimited Mathematics
  • Shrinivasa Ramanujan, The Lost notebook & other unpublished Papers.
  • Original French, German and Italian old books in Mathematics.

Book of:

  • Springer Publications
  • Dover Publications
  • Academic Press.
  • Universities Press.
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