Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana is a Pune based Institute founded in 1976 by the world famous Indian Mathematician Prof. Shreeram Abhyankar for conducting research in Higher Mathematics. Over the years a number students who have studied under Prof. Abhyankar and Prof. K. C. Sharma, have obtained their Ph.D. degree.
Since opportunities for professional courses for students of Mathematics and consequent lucrative job prospects have
increased over the years, the number of students offering to study Pure Mathematics and doing research in it has considerably dwindled. Since 1990 the Pratishthana has been a recognised centre for conducting Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO) under the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) for Maharashtra and Goa. This has enabled the Pratishthana to train about 700 students from std. V to XII for this prestigious examination.
The Pratishthana hopes that out of these students who are initially attracted to Mathematics because of job opportunities in the fields of Computer Science and Information Technology, some may feel inclined to undertake research in Higher Mathematics.
The results are very encouraging. The Pratishthana publishes Bona Mathematica, a pedagogical journal in Mathematics for college/university students and teachers.
Besides this regular activity the Pratishthana holds annual / bi-ennial conferences/Workshops in some research areas in higher mathematics attended by Indian/Foreign scholars and Professors.
The National Board for Higher mathematics has greatly helped Pratishthana to enrich its library and the Department of Atomic Energy and the Mathematics Department of Pune University have rendered active co-operation in holding Conferences/Workshops.
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