HSTP 2024-25

Advanced Mathematical Olympiad Training Programme - Level 2 (2024)

Objective and expected outcome of the programme: Rigorous problem solving for preparation for RMO/INMO., Introduction to some topics in Higher Mathematics. A student is expected to make a serious attempt at PRMO/ IOQM , RMO or higher exams during the year. The lectures will be problem based.

Theoretical tools will be recalled but may not be done in detail.

Mathematical Olympiad Training Programme - Level 1 (2024)

Objective and expected outcome of the programme:
•Beginning of the preparation for Mathematical Olympiad competitions (PRMO/RMO)/IOQM, RMO, INMO, IMO, EGMO, APMO. 
• The topics in the syllabus for RMO will be covered this year. The students are expected to make a good attempt at (PRMO/RMO)/IOQM 2023.
• Interactive teaching/learning processes enable students to learn Mathematics independently.
• Highly qualified and experienced faculty provides students an opportunity to explore the subtleties of the subject.
• The training enhances the confidence of students and improves their learning abilities. 
• The programme also brings out the beauty of higher Mathematics and inculcates the spirit of research among students.
• The programme aims at generating interest in Mathematics and creating a strong background in the subject, useful for a career in the branch of higher education.

Standard 8th Mathematics Training Programme 2024 "Foundation of Mathematics and Introduction to Olympiad Maths"

Expected Learning outcomes from the course: During/At the end of the programme, students will be able to:
Read and understand Mathematical material based on the concepts known to them.
Get introduced to abstraction in Mathematics.
Gain realization of relation between Algebra and Geometry
Enhance problem solving abilities and critical thinking skills.
Get introduced to foundational topics in Number Theory and Combinatorics