Bhaskaracharya Mathematics Talent Search Competition - 2023 -24

Bhaskaracharya Mathematics Talent Search Competition - 2023 -24

Bhaskaracharya Mathematics Talent Search Competition (BMTSC) 2023-24

A National Level Pre-Olympiad Mathematics Competition


Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana (BP) has earned a very high reputation in providing mathematics training to school students from the 5th standard onwards – as well as in helping students prepare for the various exam stages that lead to the Indian team selection for the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). Many students from the BP have gone on to win medals at the IMO.

The BMTSC is a pre-Olympiad level competition that was started in 2014-15 by the BP, to commemorate the 900th birth anniversary of the legendary Indian mathematician Bhaskaracharya. Conducting such an annual mathematics competition at the school level, is a fitting tribute to Bhaskaracharya.The First Round of the examination will be Online. 

Objectives of the BMTSC:

  1. Identify students with an aptitude for mathematics, at an early age.
  2. Introduce students to a pre-Olympiad type competition.
  3. Enhance mathematical ability and logical thinking of students.
  4. Conduct Nurture programs for successful students, to improve their problem-solving skills.


Students in the 6th and the 5th standard.


Mathematics syllabus up to the 6th standard (details available on our web site).

Click here for study material.


To be done online, from 1st September  2023 to 5th December 2023.
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The exam will be conducted in two rounds.

Round 1:     Objective; online                                                    Sunday 10th December 2023   Timing: 12.00 noon to 2.30 p.m. 
Round 2:     Subjective; write answers with explanation         Sunday 4th February 2024

The question paper for the first round will consist of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and numerical answer type questions. This question paper will also be available in Marathi.
Some percentage of the top students from Round 1 will be invited to appear for Round 2.
Prizes will be decided solely on the basis of the marks obtained in the Round 2 exam.

Question Paper Pattern

Round 1: Total 60 Marks 

         Q.1 State True or False                  10 questions, 1 mark each.                   10 marks       

            Q.2 Multiple Choice Questions  10 questions 2 marks each.                   20 marks       

            Q.3 Problems with two digit answers. 10 Questions 3 marks each.       30 marks


  • First: ₹ 5000/-   + a book
  • Second: ₹ 4000/-  + a book
  • Third: ₹ 3000/-  + a book

Additionally, Cheer prizes in the form of books will be given to some percentage of the top students from Round 2.
A Nurture training camp will be arranged for all such students who are awarded a prize.
Certificates will be given to all the participants in both rounds.
Depending upon the response, we may announce additional prizes for rural category students.

Final results will be declared in March 2024 on our website.

You may appear for the Round 1 exam from a place of your choice. A mock test will be conducted a week before the competition.

Address: 56/14, Damle Path, Near IndSearch, Off Law College Road, Pune 411029
Phone Numbers: (020) 25434547 / 25410724    (11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.)
Mobile Number:   9075861893  (4 p.m. to 8 p.m.)
Web site:

Chief Coordinator:

Dr. V. V. Acharya

* The Chief Coordinator may grant a concession in registration fee to deserving students with a weak financial background.