Facilities at Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana

Facilities at Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana

Lecture Rooms

4 big class-rooms accommodating about 50 students each and some tutorial rooms. The facility of Over-head projector is also available. LCD projector with document camera.

Computer Room

  • At present the Institute has 12 computers and also one hp-xeon server. Computers are used for internal administration, preparation of notes, Mathematics Olympiad, the publication of Bona Mathematica, also for research students, and for visitors.
  • Computer Room is equipped with a `router' for 24 hrs. internet with 40 kbps band width, CD-writer, Scanner, 4 printers including a network-duplex-laser printer, Samsung lase printer, 3 KVA UPS System, which provides backup of 3 hrs upto 10 computers at a time.
  • Local network - LAN at BP includes one, 16-port switch and three, 8-port switches and one, 8-port hub. LAN is setup all over the institute including both the floors, to support printing and internet. Support of central UPS is available for each machine.
  • Operating system mostly used is Mandrake Linux 10, 10.1. For server, Debian Sarge linux is used. A few terminals are also with knoppix 3.7 linux. At present server is used as LTSP terminal server and application server for maths software. Free softwares like Scilab, Kant/Kash, LaTeX, Kile, Singular, CoCoA, Macaulay2, GNUPlot, Dr. Geo, Quanta etc. are being used with Linux for various purpose.
  • From 2005, Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana has subscribed for MathSciNet, so that we have the online access to Mathematical Reviews. This access is available through all the machines at BP. (Not working at present.)
  • If funds become available these can be increased for taking up additional educational activities.

Guest House

Hostel accommodation for about 15 students is available at Bhaskaracharya Pratishthana. For scholars who wish to avail of it for specific studies in branches of Mathematics and for limited period, this can be made available only during vacation. Such scholars are requested to contact the office regarding their requirement in detail.

Other : Xerox, e-mail and 24 hrs. internet facility, Fax. BP also has EPBX system- for internal calls with 7 nodes including Guest house. BP has invertor of 1 KVA having backup for 6 hrs., supports tubes, fans, EPBX system and fax etc. all over the institute.


New Project

On 12th Oct. the Governing body of the Pratishthana met and took a final decision regarding the construction of a new building hosting a Library, Guest House and Audio-Visual Hall.
Considering the major resources at the hands of the Pratishthana it is decided to complete this project in stages. I am enclosing the proposal received from the architects and of these the one regarding hexagonal building has been accepted. As the details mentioned therein show the first stage (library) will require about Rs. 15 lacs; and the project including guest rooms will cost works out to about Rs. 25 lacs. The construction of an audio-visual hall on 2nd floor would require an additional amount of Rs. 10 lacs. The details are as follows:

Proposal: Hexagonal Structure-

Sr.No. Location Description Area Basic Cost Amount Rs
1 Ground Floor  Parking 1800 sqft 275/- 5,00,000/-
2 First Floor  Library 1800 sqft 550/- 9,90,000/-
3 Second Floor  Guest rooms 1800 sqft 550/- 9,90,000/-
4 Third Floor AV hall 1800 sqft 550/- 9,90,000/-
        Total 34,70,000/-